Have you always wanted to write a mystery?

Maybe you've tried before, and had a hard time bringing your ideas together into a cohesive puzzle. Maybe your story felt flat. Or maybe you're worried that your ending is too easy to guess.

These are the problems Simple Mystery is designed to solve. In this 8-week course, you'll learn how to build the various parts of your mystery--twists, subplots, suspects, and clues--into an interconnected web of intrigue and excitement.

Create an iconic detective

Discover your sleuth's Unique Investigative Talent, uncover her Unique Worldview, and decide how solving this case will force her to change and grow.

Craft an intricate plot

Learn about the 5 types of clues, the 4 types of alibis, and over 20 Classic plot twists that can be adapted to any plot.

Make readers fall in love

Use quality story structure to make sure that your mystery doesn't just puzzle the reader--it stays in her heart.

Class begins Monday, July 17

and lasts 8 weeks.

Each Monday, you'll get new video lectures and worksheets.

Throughout the week, you'll submit assignments for feedback.

Each Friday, there will be a live Q&A on Zoom.

See what other students are saying:

"This is the best writing class I have ever taken. No one takes you through a specific, example-filled journey like Jane does. I learned more in eight weeks than I thought possible and I cannot say enough good things about this class."

"Jane's process took away the "how the heck" do I write a mystery novel and gave me a simple way to produce a outline for my book. Because of her videos and her class, I am no longer overwhelmed but instead I'm excited to get write. Best class."

"This was THE most helpful writing class I've taken in understanding structure and motivation. It was a treasure trove of specific methods and motives to understand your villain, the crime, and how that impacts your sleuth. I've been recommending this class to everyone and this is the best money I've spent on a class to elevate my craft. I can't recommend this class enough."

This course is closed for enrollment.